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Matilde Fernandez

Matilde Fernández was born and bred in Madrid and has been working in Service Production for over 15 years. She has become one of the most competent freelancers in the business, and due to her meticulous knowledge of every aspect of producing in Spain, she has been a valuable asset to international names from AC/DC to Volkswagen

Her career began in Madrid in 1985 with a local Editing and Post Production Company, and took off after she moved down to Andalucía in 1992, after which the South became a hub for International commercial shoots. Since then Mati has been a key factor in every major Production Company in Spain.

For the past eight years Luisa Saro and Matilde Fernández have been working together, and the combination of their experience has been decisive. After successfully servicing major shoots for both international and local agencies, they have joined forces and now are working together as Tarifa Productions, hoping to add you to their own, new client list.


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